Tahira in Bloom is out now! Here’s what people are saying:

“…the exact kind of YA fiction I would’ve loved to read in high school when I was shaping my ideas about love and who I wanted to be. Heron’s newest book is filled with great lessons about staying true to yourself and what you want…” USA Today

“In Tahira in Bloom, Heron delivers all the necessary elements to an artfully designed rom-com: the perfect meet-cute, a delightful arrangement, and a rich connection to roots. A masterful debut!” —Nisha Sharma, award-winning author of My So-Called Bollywood Life

“As she does in her books for adults, Heron draws on her own Indian Tanzanian Canadian Muslim identity, and details of close-knit, transnational community enrich this YA debut. The book’s memorable secondary characters—including Nilusha, Tahira’s wise and compassionate mentor, and Juniper, Rowan’s sweet younger sister—help Tahira stay true to herself in this entertaining enemies-to-lovers rom-com.” Publishers Weekly

“With wellrounded supporting characters and a polished narrative, this is a natural choice for Sarah Dessen and Sandyha Menon fans.” ―Booklist

“Heron has penned an enjoyable coming-of-age romantic comedy. Touching on the pressures of social media, discovering your passions, and staying true to yourself, your morals, and your real friends, the book offers readers characters whose feelings and insecurities will resonate… A sweet read filled with fashion, flowers, and romance.” ―Kirkus