Pitchwars 2021 Wishlist for Farah Heron and Namrata Patel

This Wishlist might not be safe for work due to excessive use of Ted Lasso gifs, and some light swearing. For a gif and image-free PDF of this wishlist, click here. Summary: Farah Heron and Namrata Patel are adult mentors, and will be looking for romantic comedies, contemporary romances, and commercial women’s fiction. It’s PitchWarsContinue reading “Pitchwars 2021 Wishlist for Farah Heron and Namrata Patel”

PitchWars 2019 Wishlist

Please Note: this wishlist might not be safe for work. There is some swearing and kissing gifs, plus a cat with a mustache, because I absolutely cannot resist. YAY YAY YAY!!! It’s PitchWars  Wishlist time again! I’m so, so thrilled to be an adult mentor once again in 2019! In case you’re not familiar with the program,Continue reading “PitchWars 2019 Wishlist”

PitchWars 2018 Wishlist

Thank you for visiting my PitchWars wish list! I’m looking forward to seeing all the shiny, sparkling, incandescent submissions appear in my inbox at the end of the month! First, as a refresher, this is me. My PitchWars Bio is here.More about me: I write comedic Women’s Fiction/Chick-lit with strong romantic elements. Basically, I writeContinue reading “PitchWars 2018 Wishlist”

What does a Successful Query look like?

Hey PitchWars hopefuls! Anyone curious about the query that started this path for me? Below is what I sent to agents after the 2017 DVPit event. This book ended up getting revised, lengthened, and edited to take it from contemporary Romance to Women’s fiction before I signed with my agent. It went through a fewContinue reading “What does a Successful Query look like?”

Women’s Fiction? Romance? What?

Hello! First let’s get the fabulous news out of the way. Drum roll, please… I was chosen as a PitchWars mentor for 2018!!! For those of you who don’t know what that is, PitchWars is an amazing mentoring program where agented, published, or authors with industry experience work with a mentee on their entire manuscriptContinue reading “Women’s Fiction? Romance? What?”